Memory cannot be increased. Memory can only be supported and aided through the various mnemonic techniques to make it systematic, making learning faster, longer retention and accurate recollection.
Anything and everything that is worth learning can be learnt through Mnemonic science. Mnemonics is not an educational philosophy, it is to be used on those areas where you find difficulty in memorizing. Mnemonic techniques are to be used as a supplement to your normal learning and not as a substitute to it.
Yes it is True !! Mnemonics include systematic revision technique through which students can remember their learnings throughout their lives.
The Mnemonic Techniques are as simple and easy as a kindergarten poem…literally! Very easy to master and once understood very difficult to forget. Try recalling "twinkle twinkle little star……."
For an individual of normal learning ability, it takes nearly 42 hours to master these techniques.
Well, some people think so but mnemonic science has a much deeper influence. Bagless India has harnessed the potential of these techniques and crafted the different programs to suit the requirements of various users, be it schools, teachers, students burdened with studies and individuals who want to appear for competition exams.
No, but these techniques are very fruitful for the students as these techniques aids them in removing the burden of studies and makes studies enjoyable.
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The results may vary depending on the receptivity levels of the individual attending the program. Continuity in the sessions play a very important role in the instillation of these techniques in the student and the ability to use them in their studies.
As funny as it may sound, Mnemonic trainers or people trained on mnemonics are also susceptible to slipping out on things as they also are human beings but the chances of it happening are much less than an individual not trained on mnemonics. It is so because while learning if you have used the techniques then the chances of you forgetting them are really bleak. But
t is believed that an individual if he/she has attained the age of 10 years has enough platform memory to relate the different techniques to his/her studies. There is no upper capping for age of individuals taking the benefits of mnemonic science.
Apart from the portions of subjects where logic has to be applied like solution to a mathematic problem, like science experiments and like cause and effect relationships of events, mnemonic science can successfully be used.
Competitive exams are MCQ based and mnemonics is a systematically arranged imagery system which enhances the recall process and the aspirant can accurately choose the right answer from the given options.
Like if a person knows how to ride a bicycle, he can also very easily learn to ride a scooter or a bike and later on if he knows how to use the clutch and gears, he can very well drive a four wheeler. In the same manner a person trained on mnemonics can very well utilize the different techniques on the various subjects as the secret of learning is revealed to him and the process of learning, retaining the learnt information and recalling it accurately becomes a natural process.
It is said that a picture is equal to a thousand words. Though it requires a focused approach to learn the techniques, but once learnt, these techniques can help accelerate learning 60k times as all the senses are used while learning through mnemonic techniques.
Mnemonic science dates back to the Greek Era nearly 2500 years. It is not a new science. The work so far done on it and its usage in studies has been limited because no one has so far not worked comprehensively on subjects through this sciences. Bagless India has broken through this barrier and we are working exclusively on the subjects and the usage of mnemonic science techniques on them.
Every serious business needs investment, our Franchise Fee is the investment which triggers seriousness & involvement in the business. Moreover, We are a zero investment model in a sense that we are giving back your investment 100% in the form of reward points to you at the sign up stage only. Our Total investment on franchise is much more than the amount paid by him/her.
We have studied this model thoroughly for last 9 years through field research, our research suggests this model will be successful. Also we are world's first platform of this kind and are based on a unique model, this gives us an advantage. Further, the entire model is developed by professionals who have a collective experience of more than 108 years in the corporate world. We have anchored this under the guidance of Mr. Niranjan Mahawar, Mr.Dharmendra Lekra, Mr. Narender Singh, Mr. Naveen Agarwal, Mr. Ankush Verma and Mr. Ajayraj Wilson to name a few. You can check their credentials on Linkedin or visit our site www.baglessindia.com
We will be assigning a defined geography to each channel partner in the MOU signed between Bagless India & Its Franchise. This is being done to grow an allocated geography. However, we want to maximize your earning potential we have given liberty to every franchise to work across India. Therefore you will be working for one geography but will be able to leverage your contacts across India.
Area allocation will be basis role & available population in an area. Technically this will be assigned on the basis of Pin-Code.
Our idea is to enable our channel partners to leverage their contacts across India to maximize their earning potential. Our projections suggest that only a few will be able to work in your area from outside and you can work in their areas too. This offers you more flexibility to increase your productivity and leverage your contacts outside of the assigned geography.
For every Rs 100/- of revenue generated by the Distributor Franchise, we will be passing on 55% of Rs 100/- to the entire distribution chain of our franchise partners, our Distributor Franchise will get 25%, City Franchise will get 10%, our District Franchise will get 8%, the Division Franchise will get 7% and our top State Franchise will get 5% of the total revenue generated. Self Work - For every Rs 100/- revenue generated by self, a Distributor Franchise will get 25%, City Franchise will get 35%, our District Franchise will get 43%, the Division Franchise will get 50% and our top State Franchise will get 55% of the total revenue generated.
Anywhere between 2-3 months depending on meeting basic productivity norms.
In order to speed up your break-even & to make our business zero investment to you, we allocate reward points 100% to the Franchise Fee paid by you excluding GST. On every revenue earning transaction, you will be able to adjust 80% reward points and 20% amount will have to be added from main account balance.
We have a strict no cash policy, all payments will be directed through payment gateway of M/S Bagless India. (IDBI BANK – ACCOUNT HOLDER NAME: BAGLESS INDIA; ACCOUNT NO: 0091102000039543; IFSC: IBKL0000091; TYPE: CURRENT ACCOUNT)
Complete onus of training and equipping you for field is of Bagless India. From induction to Product To Sales & Behavioral Trainings, Bagless India will continue to equip you through Online & Onsite and Offsite training programs.
Company is doing a lot of lead generation activities and other marketing activities through its central team. All qualified leads will be passed on to the field team for closure. No money will be charged by the organization towards the same. Also in case of any upsell done by the central team, respective custodian of a particular account will be getting full margin he is entitled to.
No. You are expected to work from home or your own office in case you have one. Company doesn't't ask you to open an office but if you have one and you wish to use it for Business, we don't stop you from doing that
No. We don't ask you to open an office. You can work from home. We don't have a subsidy policy.
You will be getting your margins in weekly payment cycles in your bank account. Details of all commissions paid will be uploaded on CRM periodically.
Your agreement is for a duration of 3 years, after which it will be renewable and will invite renewal fee payment which will be applicable at that time.
No it is indicative, it is basis an assumption of meeting some productivity and average revenue per transaction, this may differ basis sales done by you and the value of products sold.
Business requires hard work, we don't specify minimum working hours but hope that you must put 7-8 hours of work every day.
A detailed product list with Pricing is available on the company website and you can refer the same for more details.